Designing and planning

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We provide designing, planning, designer’s supervision as well as providing other services for following range of infrastructure objects:

Waste management infrastructure, hazardous waste management infrastructure

We elaborate designs for solid waste landfills, solid waste sorting and processing centres, as well as remediation of old waste dump sites.

We elaborate designs for various kind of remediation projects for sites contaminated with hazardous waste including provision of modelling exercises of dispersion of contaminants.

Industrial buildings, public buildings

We elaborate designs of hangars for variety of industrial processes and relevant equipment, we offer services of technologists and environmental specialists.

We provide designing of public buildings including educational entities, administrative buildings, etc.

Hydro technical constructions, melioration systems, port infrastructure

We provide designing of:

Quarries, drinking water sources

We prepare all kind of quarry usage designs as well as calculations of stocks of mineral resources.

We design different kind of drinking water sources as well as industrial water sources.

Experts assessment of civil engineering designs

We provide experts assessments for broad range of civil engineering designs including designs of waste management infrastructure, industrial and public buildings and other construction projects.